100 simple things that I have learned while fighting for my life. 31-45

31. You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.

32. To be true to oneself, you must shed all of the layers of deceit that exist within you.

33. It is not what you have. it is what you do with what you have.

34. Everyday that you are here is a blessing.

35. When anxiety overtakes you, remember to breath both slowly and deeply.

36. A day will come when you live true to yourself if you just allow it be.

37. If you think that the world is against you, you will live with deep insecurities.

38. If you look at thew world as full of possibilities, you will not worry about those who try to bring you down.

39. Surround yourself with good company and good company you will be.

40. Do what you love and heaven on earth with follow.

41, Attend to the garden of your mind and grow flowers, not weeds.

42. Replace your bad seeds of thought with good seeds of thought and your whole life will flourish from within.

43. Let your cup run over with good seeds of thought.

44. Take care of yourself. You are your own greatest assist.

45. Outlook is everything.


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