100 simple things that I have learned while fighting for my life. 46-60.

46. Love the higher powers and they will take care of you.

47. Money is everywhere. Treat it carefully.

48. Teach a child fear and fearful they will be.

49. Teach  a child love and loving they will be.

50. Treat children with kindness and kindness they will learn.

51. Treat others with kindness and allow yourself to accept nothing less.

52. kindness leads to peace.

53. Remember the good over the bad in hard times. In fact, do this at all times and you will master this.

54. When you are blessed with more than enough, give to those who have the least.

55. A kind word is more encouraging than 1,000 complaints.

56. Wish goodwill towards other and sow seeds of goodwill in yourself.

57. Treat other with care. You may need a caring heart later.

58.Replace each negative thought with a positive one until it comes as natural as breathing.

59. Never take the little things for granted. Praise the little things and always be happy for them.

60. Love is all you need.


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