100 simple things that I have learned while fighting for my life. 61-75

61. True and lasting fulfillment comes from within and never from without.

62. What you sow, you reap. Sow with care.

63. Focus on the good in yourself and others will also see the good in you.

64. Focus on the good qualities in others over the bad.

65. You are not just a survivor or a victim in life. You are a warrior.

66. Children follow your example. Words without example are basically useless.

67. If you build it than it will be built. If you build with love and positive attention and good vibes, It will be seeked after.

68. Love others without expectation but do not encourage wrongdoing.

69. If you feel lonely, think good thoughts.

70. Dreaming and being lost in thought is a practice that is not practiced enough.

71. Your words are extremely powerful. Your actions are far more powerful.

72. You can change everything in a relationship by the power of your tongue. Use it with the utmost care and wisdom.

73. Speak carefully and kindly not loosely and without thought.

74. Softness always overcomes hardness in the long run.

75. Love like tomorrow doesn’t exist.


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