100 simple things that I have learned while fighting for my life. 76-90

76. If you always learn than you will realize that their no such thing as a shortage of knowledge.

77. Age and maturity don’t always go hand-in-hand.

78. The greatest source of slavery is to be robbed of free thought.

79. When you take away ones access to knowledge you endanger everyone.

80. Failure is nothing more than a chance to life and try again.

81. The funny think about growing is that it always happens in stages.

82. Control your thoughts and you will control your mental well-being.

83. Wish good upon others and good will come to you.

84. Holding grudges does nothing but hurt you and keep you tied down that things that prevent you from flying freely.

85. Your actions follow your true beliefs and your true beliefs follow your actions. No words can cover this up. Believe wisely.

86. Slow and steady progress far outweighs zero progress and often superseeds rapid and vigorous progress.

87. Good will always eventually surpass evil.

88. Home is where the heart is.

89. Intelligence and wisdom comes to those who work for it. It doesn’t just come to those who are gifted.

90. All lasting beauty comes from within and not from without.


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