Going on a soul searching trip. 

Hello everyone! I will be away from my blog for a while. I am going on a trip to renew my batteries…so to speak. I will blogging again on May 4th. 


How to say I love you in 99 languages

  1. Afrikaans = Ek het jou lief
  2. Albanian = Unë të dua
  3. Amharic = iwedihalehu
  4. Arabic = áhabak
  5. Arnenian = Yes sirum yem k’ yez
  6. Azerbaijani = Man sani sevirom.
  7. Basque = maite zaitut
  8. Belarusian = ja ciable kaćhaju
  9. Bangali = Am tõmāya bhālābāsi
  10. Bosnian = volim te
  11. Bulgarian = o6nyam te
  12. Catalan = T’ estimo
  13. Cebuano = gihigug TIKA
  14. Chichewa = nolimakukonden
  15. Chinese = Wô āi nî
  16. Corsican = ti tengu caru
  17. Croatian = Volim te
  18. Czech = miluji tě
  19. Danish = jeg elsker dig
  20. Dutch = Ik hou van je
  21. English = I love you
  22. Esperanto = tomi amas vin
  23. Estonian = Ma armastan sind
  24. Filipino = Mahal kita
  25. Finnish = Miná rakastan sinva
  26. French = je t’aime
  27. Frisian = Ik hald fan dy
  28. Galician = Quérate
  29. Georgian = miqvarkhar
  30. German = ich liebe dich
  31. Greek = Se agapõ
  32. Gujarati = Hum tanē prēma komm chu
  33. Haitian Creole = M wen renmen ou
  34. Hausa = Ina son ka
  35. Hawaiian = Aloha wau iā óe
  36. Hindi = main turase pyaar karata
  37. Hmong = kuv hlub kó
  38. Hungarian = Szeretlek
  39. Icelandic = ég elska pig
  40. Igbo = a huru m gii n’arya
  41. Indonesian = Akù cinta kamu
  42. Irish = Tá grá tú
  43. Italian = ti amo
  44. Japanese = Watashi wa, anata o aisniteimasw
  45. Javanese = Aku tresna sampeyan
  46. Kannada = Nánu ninnamnu
  47. Kazakh = men seni jaqsi köremin
  48. Khmer = khnhom sralanh anak
  49. Korean = men seni jaqsi köremin
  50. Kurean (kurmanji) = ez te hex dikim
  51. Kyrgyz = Men seni süyöm
  52. Lao = Khony hak chao
  53. Latin = te amo
  54. Lativian = Es mīlu Tevi
  55. Lithuanian =Aš tave myliu
  56. Luxembourgish = Ech hunn dech gär
  57. Macedonian = Te sakam
  58. Malagasy = tiako ianao
  59. Malay = saya sayang awak
  60. Mabyaliam = ñān ninne snēhikk unnu
  61. Maltese = inhobbok
  62. Maoni = aroha i a koutou
  63. Marathi = Mī tujhyāvara prēma karatõ
  64. Mongolian = Bi chamdi khainta
  65. Myammar = mainnkohkyittaal
  66. Nepali = ma timīla’ī māyā garchu
  67. Norwegian = Jeg elsker deg
  68. Polish = kocham cig
  69. Portuguese = eu te amo
  70. Punjabi = Maim tuhānū pi’āra
  71. Romanian = te iebesc
  72. Russian = ya lyublyu tebya
  73. Samoan = oute alofa ia oe
  74. Scots gaelic = tha gaol agam ort
  75. Serbian = Volim te
  76. Sesotho = kea urata
  77. Shona = ndinokudo
  78. Sinhala = mama oyāta ādarey
  79. Slovak = Lūvim t’a
  80. Slovenian = Ljubim te
  81. Somali = waon ku jeclahay
  82. Spanish = te amo
  83. Sundanese = abdi bogoh ka anjeun
  84. Swahili = nakupenda
  85. Swedish = jag älskar dig
  86. Tahitian = Ua here vau ia oe
  87. Tajik = Man turo dūst medoram
  88. Tamil = Nān unnai katalikkirēn
  89. Telugu = Nēnū ninnu prēmistunnānu
  90. Thai = phm rak khun
  91. Turkish = seni’ seviyorwm 
  92. Ukrainian = ya tebe lyublyn
  93. Uzbek = Meb seni sevamam
  94. Vietnamise = Anh yêu em
  95. Welsh = Rwyn dy garu di
  96. Xhosa = ndiyakuthanda
  97. Yiddish = ikh hab dir lib
  98. Yoruba = mo nife re
  99. Zulu = Ngiykuthanda

Do you enjoy judging me?

Do you enjoy judging me? 

Do you enjoy making fun of my scars?

The scars of work.

The scars of abuse.

The scars of the toils of life.

Do you enjoy judging my imperfect body?

Do you enjoy making fun of my abnormalities?

Does it make you feel superior?

Does it make you feel normal?

Does it make you feel better?

Do you enjoy judging me?

Do you enjoy making fun of my eyes?

My eyes that don’t track right.

Have you ever tried looking into them?

I do not envy your inablity or unwillingness to see everything that comes from underneath. 


Oh baby, What’s wrong?

You got caught up in your own lies.

Everything is all gone.

All of the excuses you try.

Oh baby, What’s wrong?

Look at all of those negative seeds.

Everything is all gone.

Hell is growing like weeds.

Oh baby, What’s wrong?

Look at what has sown.

Everything is all gone.

Your garden is now barden from all that you had grown.

Oh baby, What’s wrong?

All of your secrets have been revealed.

Everything is all gone.

Nothing more can be consealed.

Oh baby, What’s wrong?

There is nothing more to cover.

Everything is all gone.

Time to start over.

40 Positive Ways to Encourage Good Behavior in Children.

21. Give them welcomed hugs and cuddles.

22. Teach them that their bodies are their own and respect that yourself.

23. Help them to learn to respect other people’s bodies and practice what you preach.

24. Teach them early about safety and consent.

25. Teach them friendliness by being friendly.

26. Teach them fairness by playing fair.

27. Make time to just be silly.

28. Make learning fun.

29. Speak of their good behavior to others in front of them.

30. Draw attention to the positive and the good.

31. They sense your vibes. Send a good message.

32. Picnic with them outside and talk about respect for our natural environment and importance of taking care of it.

33. Being respectful will help them learn how to be respectful.

34. Sow good seeds of thought into them by being a positive person yourself.

35. Watch what you say about them.Young children tend to believe the things that are said about them and act accordingly.

36. Control your own temper and then show them how to control theirs.

37. Value them as people and they will value you.

38. Be patient so they can model patience from you.

39. Let them know just important they are.

40. Be good and practice goodness. So they will learn what goodness looks like.

In Summary, Children learn what they live. They copy everything. they do what you do not what you say. Even though they may repeat everything you say.

40 Positive Ways to Encourage Good Behavior in Children. 1-20

  1. Lead by example. Children learn copy your behavior. They do as you do whether you like it or not.
  2. Play with them.
  3. Talk to with them to solve problems and not just to them. You can do this no matter how young they are in some form or another.
  4. Be kind to them. So, they will learn kindness.
  5. Treat them to way you would wish to be treated. So, they will learn the golden rule.
  6. Read to them.
  7. Eat with them.
  8. Feed them good healthy foods.
  9. Teach them right from wrong by doing right. 
  10. Ignore the bad as much as could be possible.
  11. Recongize the good in them everyday.
  12. Let them learn from the natural consequences of their behavior. For example, eating too many cookies will sometimes lead to a stomach ache.
  13. Prase the little things that they do.
  14. Let them explore with their whole bodies.
  15. Pay attention to the little things. To them they may not be so little.
  16. Remember that most of things that may come very naturely to you were things that you had to learn at some point. Therefore, things that come naturally to you may not always be easy for them.
  17. Say yes at least as much if not more so than you say no.
  18. Give them opitions as much as possible.
  19. If they have siblings, make you treat them all fairly.
  20. Tell them daily how much you love them.

Hold On Loosely.

Every once in while you meet someone.

It feels like you found a diamond in the sand.

They are comparable to none.

You feel like you are floating on clouds.

You don’t want to come back to land.

Before you know it, the meeting is done.

Temptation to hold on with all your energy mounds.

You want to wrap yourself around them tightly like rubber band.

Rudder bands wrapped too tightly break.

If you hold on to sand with your fists, it slips through your hands.

If diamonds are thrown to the deep-end, they get lost and sink.

Slow and steady will lessen the chances of a mess to make.

Sand that stays loosely and steadily in your hand can slowly fill an hour glass as you loosely pour it out at your command.

A diamond is rough and is only smoothed by patient and extremely careful shaping with help from another diamond on a saw as together they several times link.

A few quotes by my favorite author James Allen.

“The man that is governed by self, and not by a principle, changes his front when his selfish comforts are threatened. Deeply intent upon defending and guarding his own interests, he regards all means as lawful that will subserve that end. He is continually scheming as to how he may protect himself against his enemies, being too self-centered to perceive that he is his own enemy.”

“A man may be cursed and rich; he may be blessed and poor. Blessedness and riches are only joined together when the riches are rightly and wisely used;A man cannot directly choose his circumstances, but he can choose his thoughts, and so indirectly, yet surely, shape his circumstances.”

“Yes, humanity surges with uncontrolled passion, is tumultuous with ungoverned grief, is blown about by anxiety and doubt only the wise man, only he whose thoughts are controlled and purified, makes the winds and the storms of the soul obey him.”