Anger Management and Mismanagement Issues? Here are ten things you can do!

1. Everything starts with Belief. Believe that you can and will change. Believe and know that you can learn to control your temper. If you can do this part than you are already more than half way there.

2. Take a vow that you will not react to others in anger except under very extreme life and death situations. Stick with this vow no matter how many times you slip-up and over time you will change into a much calmer and much more thoughtful person. Once this starts to happen, you whole life and outlook upon it will change.

3. Meditate several times a day. Imagine yourself as a calmer and much more rational person. Imagine that one are in control and practice this control. You are the master and your temper responds. the more you learn to control yourself, the less you will need to do this. One day it will probably become second nature to you.

4. Engage in physical and mental activities that allow you to challenge your energy and angry in the most productive and least harmful way possible.

5. Before you react take several long and deep breaths or go for a walk. Ask yourself..”What is the best way for me to handle this situation productively and in a way that cause the least amount of harm?”

6.  Ask yourself if whatever is making you angry will matter in a year. if not let it go.

7. Don’t be afraid to cry. This is not a weakness.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask others for support. This will help you progress. Also, this will help you to learn assertiveness over aggressiveness.

9. When you feel overwhelmed, allow yourself time to do something to help you unwind.

10. Give yourself credit as you progress. Progress may be slow but you will win this battle. You will learn to control your temper as time goes by. Just do the work and the results will handle themselves.

In Summary: Channel your energy wisely and accept that you will and must change your course of action when you are angry. As you progress you will see the world differently. You will find yourself becoming much calmer and much more rational as the days go by. You will reach a level of emotional maturity that will enable you to live a healthier and happier life from now on.


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