Denial of Thoughts and Actions.

It is so easy to find someone else or anything else to blame when we fail, make mistakes or when we are in trouble. It is easy to deny our own bad decisions that we don’t want to be responsible for. Sometimes, it is easier to play the victim than to take responsibility for one’s own choices.

This is not the same as saying that we are responsible for everything that happens to us. This isn’t to say that anyone should be required to be perfect at all time. This isn’t to say that we should never ask for help. This isn’t to say that we will never fail. In fact, life doesn’t allow for humans to be so perfect all of the time.

Having said this, blaming other for anything that you do is a form of denial of your own responsibly towards yourself to others. Denial of responsibly is to deny your own growth. To deny your own growth is to cause stagnation and stagnation from lack of growth is usually much more painful than development from growth.



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