The ABC’s of inner attractiveness.

A. Attitude = A positive attitude generally attracts positive attention.

B. Braininess = In mature circles being smart is attractive.

C. Courage = Courage is sexy.

D. Devotion = Showing devotion to you family, friends and loved ones.

E. Empathy = Try to see the world though the perspectives of others.

F. Friendliness leads to fondness.

G. Gratitude = Being grateful lends to grateful in others.

H. Healthy Lifestyle = Taking care of yourself is a vital key to positive attractiveness.

I. Intuition = Follow your beautiful inner guide.

J. Joyfulness = Joyfulness is irresistible.

K. Kindness = Kindness is beautiful. Cruelty is ugly.

L. Listen to others = People view you with favor when they feel that you are tuned into them while you are having a conversation.

M. Mindfulness = Being aware in the present moment can lend to beautiful outcomes.

N. Nourishment = A well nourished soul is beautifully nourishing.

O. Originally is interesting and allows you to stand out in crowds.

P. Purposeful = Do what you say and say what to do.

Q = Be a queen or king of good harmony = Do good and be good.

R. Respectful = Respect begets respect.

S. Sweetness = Sugar is more sensual than salt.

T. Temperment = An assertive temper is easier to get along with than a passive/aggressive temper.

U. Unity = Being one with your environment for time to time lends to a greater sense of awareness. Awareness is sexy.

V. Virtuous = Having high standards shows self-respect. Not to be confused with chastity.

W. Wonder = Be curious about others but not outwardly noisy.

X.  EXacting = Know what you want. Know what your dealbreakers are. Know where to compromise.

Y. You = Be your true self.

Z. Zoning = Zone into those you care about.


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