Healing and Wellness…a few thoughts.

Healing always starts from within not from without. It starts with the seeds of thought that you sow in your mind. Your cells respond to your every thought both conscious and subconscious. Therefore practice meditation and learn to master your own thoughts to the best of your abilities. Practice this daily even if you have to make the time. Practice this in the shower, in the bathroom and during more boring work that you are trained to do automatically. Start by replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. This is hard at first but gets much easier overtime. Believe that you are indeed healthy. Be grateful everyday for the areas in your life where you are already indeed healthy. There is always something there. Realize what healthy habits you do have and focus on straightening those habits and adding to them. However, do not allow yourself to get too overwhelmed with change. Start where you are and do what can. Steady growth is more stable than growth that leads to burnout.

A Clean environment helps but is not a be all and end all.


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