Hold On Loosely.

Every once in while you meet someone.

It feels like you found a diamond in the sand.

They are comparable to none.

You feel like you are floating on clouds.

You don’t want to come back to land.

Before you know it, the meeting is done.

Temptation to hold on with all your energy mounds.

You want to wrap yourself around them tightly like rubber band.

Rudder bands wrapped too tightly break.

If you hold on to sand with your fists, it slips through your hands.

If diamonds are thrown to the deep-end, they get lost and sink.

Slow and steady will lessen the chances of a mess to make.

Sand that stays loosely and steadily in your hand can slowly fill an hour glass as you loosely pour it out at your command.

A diamond is rough and is only smoothed by patient and extremely careful shaping with help from another diamond on a saw as together they several times link.


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