40 Positive Ways to Encourage Good Behavior in Children. 1-20

  1. Lead by example. Children learn copy your behavior. They do as you do whether you like it or not.
  2. Play with them.
  3. Talk to with them to solve problems and not just to them. You can do this no matter how young they are in some form or another.
  4. Be kind to them. So, they will learn kindness.
  5. Treat them to way you would wish to be treated. So, they will learn the golden rule.
  6. Read to them.
  7. Eat with them.
  8. Feed them good healthy foods.
  9. Teach them right from wrong by doing right. 
  10. Ignore the bad as much as could be possible.
  11. Recongize the good in them everyday.
  12. Let them learn from the natural consequences of their behavior. For example, eating too many cookies will sometimes lead to a stomach ache.
  13. Prase the little things that they do.
  14. Let them explore with their whole bodies.
  15. Pay attention to the little things. To them they may not be so little.
  16. Remember that most of things that may come very naturely to you were things that you had to learn at some point. Therefore, things that come naturally to you may not always be easy for them.
  17. Say yes at least as much if not more so than you say no.
  18. Give them opitions as much as possible.
  19. If they have siblings, make you treat them all fairly.
  20. Tell them daily how much you love them.

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