40 Positive Ways to Encourage Good Behavior in Children.

21. Give them welcomed hugs and cuddles.

22. Teach them that their bodies are their own and respect that yourself.

23. Help them to learn to respect other people’s bodies and practice what you preach.

24. Teach them early about safety and consent.

25. Teach them friendliness by being friendly.

26. Teach them fairness by playing fair.

27. Make time to just be silly.

28. Make learning fun.

29. Speak of their good behavior to others in front of them.

30. Draw attention to the positive and the good.

31. They sense your vibes. Send a good message.

32. Picnic with them outside and talk about respect for our natural environment and importance of taking care of it.

33. Being respectful will help them learn how to be respectful.

34. Sow good seeds of thought into them by being a positive person yourself.

35. Watch what you say about them.Young children tend to believe the things that are said about them and act accordingly.

36. Control your own temper and then show them how to control theirs.

37. Value them as people and they will value you.

38. Be patient so they can model patience from you.

39. Let them know just important they are.

40. Be good and practice goodness. So they will learn what goodness looks like.

In Summary, Children learn what they live. They copy everything. they do what you do not what you say. Even though they may repeat everything you say.


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