The most important thing that I have learned from my trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

I had the misfortune of losing my money while I was walking around on my last day there. I have not the slightest clue how that happened. I am always extremely careful about such things. This lead me to a forced two day fast. Nevertheless, it a blessing in disguise. First of all, I am hypoglycemic, which simply means my blood sugar tends to drop pretty fast. Well, normally anyway. I knew that my higher powers were looking out for me. Initially, I did not understand why they allowed this to happen but, it did. I felt frustrated. However, I didn’t go on this trip on a bus to just have a cozy easy going vacation. I wanted to learn something that I could take home with me. I wanted to spend sometime away my usual environment. Not just to sightsee also to meditate and really clear my head. I have to say that during this two day fast during the last two days of my trip would have in the past drove me crazy. However, I have changed more in recent months than I thought. I felt almost no anixety. I dawned on me a few hours after my last meal that I was alone on this one. I would in all likelyhood have to fast. For whatever reason this was just in the cards for me at that given time. I decided to make the best of it and what I had were my thoughts. Since my mind was less crowded with everyday occurrences and chaos; it was a good time to go within myself and practice concentrated thought. I tried sowing all the right seeds and focus on the flip side of it. Strangly enough, it worked a miracle. In my mind, I kept telling my body that it would use the nutrients and fat cells it already has to keep me substained until I get home. As, I would have my son soon. I have him two weeks on, two weeks off. I commend my body to use what it already has to keep me from getting too weak from low blood sugar. So, it would not become an emergency. The longer I went without food the stronger I believed that I could get though this unharmed. I started to understand why some people believe in fasting. Sometimes short-term fasts tend to clear your mind. It is easier to foucs on simple and concentrated thoughts when you know you are absolutely must preserve your energy. So, when I felt aniexty, I forced myself to stop and I told myself the same things over and over. I would keep commanding my body and telling it that I’m in charge and it would use the resources that it has to sustain me. I would do my part by getting as much rest as possible and by not allowing my anxieties to take hold. That I was getting home. That I have a son who needs me. Although, I always believed in the power of thought, I never really used it this way. Yet, it worked out. I came home slightly weak but not incredibly so. Normally, I would start to feel weak after just 4 or 5 hours of not eating. In this case, it took 58 hours to feel the slightest bit weak. Now I have an even deeper understanding of power of thought that a year ago I would have believed was just crazy. I guess the bottom line is what you think, you create. You can have great control over your fears and anxieties when you practice and believe in yourself. You can command your body with your mind to great degree. You just have to believe and focus your thoughts according to what you want. I have came back a much stronger person because of this fasting experience. I feel very clear headed right now and at peace.


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