The word distribution is often associated with trading, and giving of food, wealth and material things. For example, A truck distributed food to a food bank. In exchange for the truck drivers time the owner of the food bank distributed a payment to the truck driver though direct disposit into her bank account. The food bank distributed the food to needy people. 

However, this writing is about soul distribution and the distribution of positive and productive seeds of thoughts and vibrations. Although the base of our mere survival depends upon food, water and air. What we think is of the utmost importance to our views on our exsistence. What we think today, will effect our entire outlook for tomorrow. 

Just as we need exercise and feed our bodies well to stay healthy; we must also exercise our minds daily in three main ways.

  1. Keep active in thought to the extent that you are able.
  2. Learn new things.
  3. The last but most important one is to meditate and consentrate your thoughts.

Remember that your brain changes by the second, the day and thoughout your life. It is at it is most optimal levels of functioning when you keep your body and your state of mind healthy. People who stay focused on their goals, dreams, sowing positive affirmation seeds, mediation, and even playing challenging games, etc., to exercise their minds daily are far less likely to suffer from dementia later in life. They tend to live sereval years longer than their, “couch potatoe brained” peers. 

Exercise your mind daily and take control of your own thoughts for the common good. By doing so, you will naturally produce and distribute positive vibes to every life you touch. Everywhere you go that energy will saty with you. Your life won’t become perfect. However, this will continually enrich your life and soul. 

You will with practice become better and better at controlling your own thoughts. Therefore, you will gradually, if you choose to, shake off any bad karma that you have experienced but taking from it only what is necessary to learn. You will weed out more and more of the bad seeds in the garden of your mind. As result, overtime you will produce the sweetest most nourishing fruits and beautiful vibrant flowers. You become divinely elavated and favores by the gods of good. Yet, you will understand that you have worked hard and nevertheless will stay humble.

Indeed, the road to hell may be paved with good intentions. However, this is only because it is a choaic road that is widely travelled. Yet, it is an easy road full of shortcuts. It is the good road that tricks you with its short term ease. Yet, it is filled with long term complications. It doesn’t require a great deal of maturity or a concentration of thoughts and positive energy. That takes continual hard work, self-control and effort. This road leads ultimately to misery and unrest. It only appears to be too good to be true. 

There is another road that is not only paved with good intentions but is also repaved by countless and continued practice of weeding out the negative seeds of thought and rotted plants. These plants and seeds are constantly and patiently forevermore being replaced with positive seeds and a beautiful abundance of flowers and sweet fruits. This is the road that requires self-belief, practice of mediation and organized thoughts to move forward. People that travel this road must practice everyday and sometimes even painfully to be harmless, humble, kind and loving towards all order to keep moving. This is a road of hard work. Yet, it is also the road of greater long term ease, tempers are controlled on this road and their is no room for choas. The people who walk on this path also walk on a path that leads love, purely and peace. 


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