Global Issues

Don’t sacrifice the world of tomorrow for the Comforts of today.

This is what is harming the human race the most and our earth.

Laziness, greed, selfishness, short-term ease and lack of motivation to work for the common good.

Too many people say, “someone else will fix things.” So, they can excuse themselves from doing their part in the helping and continuation of humanity itself. 

Too many people sacrifice their lives and lives of future generations for their pocket books. 

Too many people have, “Not in my backyard.” Syndrome. Just let the poor and hungry and other problems go somewhere else. So, they don’t have to see it. Out of sight, out of mind. No, lack of sleep that way. 

The results will evetually hurt and effect is all. Including our children and grandchildren. 

Too many let others fight for themselves in vain but as long as they are comfortable nothing will change.

Why? Because it isn’t hurting them? Selfish people wake up and open your eyes.


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