50 Positive Thoughts to Practice to Sow Seeds in Regards to Organization. 1-10.

1, My life may look messy now, but with concentrated thinking I can organize my thoughts to rewire my brain to therefore become more organized in my life.

2. My house may be messy, but my inword thoughts are being more organized everyday and my house will follow. 

3. I may feel like I am living in choas, but as I learn to foucs my enegry in a more concentrated way starting with my thoughts. I feel more organized and my life feels much less chaotic.

4. I know other people who seem more organized than me. I will study and learn from them.

5. I know that I am on the right path by sowing seeds of thought. This is the first step.

6. I will take at least few minutes everyday to look at where I need more organization in my life and I will address these problems one small step at a time.

7. I am not a mess. I am just as capable as anyone else to be more organized.

8. I am not a chaotic person. I just struggle with chaos at the moment. I will work on this.

9. I am not a messy person. I just struggle with a mess right now. I will work on this.

10. My life isn’t a mess. Others May think so. They don’t walk in my shoes. I know better. I am becoming more organized every day.


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