50 Positive Thoughts to Sow Seeds in Regards to Organization. 21-30.

21. I know the road to organization won’t always be easy but it will be worth it.

22. My path to organization keeps getting easier over time. Soon it will become automatic.

23. One day soon, I will come to realize that I am as organized as I want to be.

24. I am not only capable of organization. I am worthy of becoming a master of organization.

25. I will only show positive seeds that will lead me to my goals.

26. For every negative thought I have regarding organisation I will replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

27. I will not take the criticisms of others personally. I will use all of the useful criticism to my aid in my path.

28. I will not allow others to influence me in a negative way.

29. I am not what others think I am. I am a clean person. 

30. I do my best to be organized.


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