50 Positive Thoughts to Sow Seeds in Regards to Organization. 41 – 50.

41. I will take care of my body and my thoughts. So, that I will be able to take better care of my environment. This will lead to less chaos in my life.

42. I will work to the best of my abilities to become comfortably organized.

43. I will learn from my mistakes. My mistakes will stay in their proper place. These mistakes will help me grow.

44. I will bear in mind that there is a flip side to everything. For every negative there is a positive that can be replaced with it.

45. Everything is temporary. Even if there is disorganization and chaos at the moment does not mean it always has to be this way. It will not always be this way.

46. I will rewire my brain to be more organized in my thoughts and deeds.

47. I will allow improvements in my inner mind to affect my outer environment.

48. I will allow myself to improve.

49. I will meet my goals with patience and dedication.

50. I will find myself where I want to be and I will be comfortably calm, clean, focused and happier.


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