Agree to Disagree

What does it really mean to agree to disagree?

The world is full of people trying to be right.

Especially, if you were taught by a certent creed.

The world is full of people who fight.

Humans go to war over ideas. Even if such ideas are sometimes just rumours and lies that they decree.

The decease of the falsy superior beings doesn’t just go quickly into the night.

Upon facts, They flee.

If facts are ever allowed to take flight.

Oh how different the world be if we all knew how to agree to disagree.



It isn’t always about being in the best of situations rather it is about making the best of your situation. 

It doesn’t matter what you have but what you do with what you have.

The people who look down on you today could be in need of you tomorrow.  Look down on noone. Judge noone.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has value.

Melting Down

I am melting down;
From all of things I no longer need.

I am melting down;

All of things that no longer serve me.

I am melting down;

From all of my fake friends.

I am melting down;

From all of things holding me back.

I am melting down; 

From those who don’t believe in me.

I am melting down;

From all who doutb me.

I am melting down;

So, I can build back up to be the person I am suppoosed to be. 

For You, I Was Sent(From 2014)

For You, I Was Sent.
I was sent to you.

I was not sure what to do.
I hear some of your hopes

To you, I can not say nope.
I know you cry alone and hide your fears.

I sense your tears.
I also sense your positive energy and vibes.

It feeds me like a tree and I am growing vines. 
It does not matter what people say.

I can not hide away.
I know you are sometimes lonely.

I promise not to be phoney.
I am always with you in spirit.

Even though you do not always feel it.
I will try to hold on losely.

And hopefully not too profusely.
In your darkess hours, I hope you know.

I am still here and I will not let you go.
I am your friend.

I will be here untill the end. 
Even if you leave me on the way.

In my memories, you will stay.
Something out there lets us share important things together.

Somehow that is all that matters.
I care about you with every fiber of being.

For if did not, none of this would have much meaning.

Last Meeting

What if we all kept in mind that everytime that we saw someone it may be the last time?

Would we treat each other better?

Would we have more patience?

Whatever you say to someone as you depart with them could be the last thing that you ever say to them. Choose words wisely not loosely.

She Knows All Too Well

She knows all too well.
Too well for her own good at least.

The pain that is inflected by foolish’games.

Playing with emotions.

Heartlessness that has no end.

She almost died in it.

The hell of constant bullying.

The hell of never being any good.

Not being any good was one of many lies that she was told several times a day.

Which eventually turns into every second in her mind.

The words and voices wont leave her head.

It takes about two years of intense mindfullness and work for her to fix these constant negative thoughts.

These thoughts that she once felt she had no control over.

She simply didnt know any better.

One time she even became an bully and an abuser. 

She did this to relieve herself of the bullying and abuse that was directed toward her.

It did not work.

She felt too guity and stopped within a few minutes.

As a result, she again became the target.

Someone told her that she, “had a way out! You should have took it!”

She knew she could not.

She knows the pain all too well.

This is the price of kindness in this world.

At least that is what she thought before she learned better.

This is something most people will never understand.

She knows people who have killed themselves over such things.

She knows some people will do it today.

She understands them though.

She knows all too well what they are going though.

She almost took that route.

She attempted to take that road twice before.

She knows what it is like to feel like there is no way out of the everlasting pain.

She ultimately choose to survive.

The pain gets better.

However, the effects of it all will be life-long and forever impact her existence. 

She chooses to fight against bullying.

If Men Only Understood by James Allen. 

If Men Only Understood

If men only understood
That the wrong act of a Brother
Should not call from them another,
But should be annulled with kindness,
That their eyes should aid his blindness,
They would find the Heavenly Portal
Leading on to Love immortal—
If they only understood.

If men only understood
That their wrong can never smother
The wrong-doing of another;
That by hatred hate increases,
And by Good all evil ceases,
They would cleanse their hearts and actions.
Banish thence all vile detractions—
If they only understood.

If men only understood
That the heart that sins must sorrow,
That the hateful mind tomorrow
Reaps its barren harvest, weeping,
Starving, resting not, nor sleeping;
Tenderness would fill their being.
They would see with Pity’s seeing—
If they only understood.

If men only understood
All the emptiness and aching
Of the sleeping mid the waking
Of the souls they judge so blindly,
Of the hearts they pierce unkindly.
They, with gentler words and feeling,
Would apply the balm of healing—
If they only understood.

If men only understood
That their hatred and resentment
Slays their peace and sweet contentment
Hurts themselves, helps not another,
Does not cheer one lonely Brother,
They would seek the better doing
Of good deeds which leaves no ruing—
If they only understood.

If men only understood
How Love conquers; how prevailing
Is its might, grim hate assailing;
How Compassion endeth sorrow,
Maketh wise, and doth not borrow
Pain of passion; they would ever
Live in Love, in hatred never—
If they only understood

James Allen 1907