Action and Decisions

Nothing moves without movement.

The same is true with decisions. 

Every decision starts with a seed.

This seed is a little thought that grows overtime.

Once this seed has turned into a plant…people get sometimes get stuck.

They often have this plant that they don’t know what to do with.

Perhaps this plant gets rejected many times and the owner of this plant gives up right before a breakthough.

Perhaps they are afraid to show the world this plant that belongs to them because they fear being bullied and belittled and laughed at.

Perhaps they know they need to do improvements to the plant but fear is holding them back. 

In these moments, They have to decide. Do they take action and keep the plant alive and keep moving forward even in the face of setbeacks? Do they kill the plant and forget about it and waste their previous efforts? Or do they ignore the plant so the plant dies on it’s own? 

Food for Thought.


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