A Few Suggestions to Help You Handle Loss Better.

Everyone experiences loss as well as symptoms of grief in one form or another throughout their lives. It seems to be an unavoidable part of life. The causes of loss and grief could be different for every person at any given time. They’re all kinds of reasons a person may feel loss or grief. Are suffering is universal as well as unique and very personal to each individual.

Here is a list of a few things that I have learned that could help you cope.

  1. Focus steadfastly on your goals and keep moving forward.
  2. Remember the little things and be grateful for them. Think of all these beautiful little things in your life that make your life better throughout your days.
  3. Give yourself positive reinforcement. An example of positive reinforcement Maybe a coffee break, going to the movies, a little time off for yourself, etc. Just take the time to do things that you enjoy doing.
  4. Remember that balance is everything. Learn to take the good with the bad. Learn that there is good in every bad situation. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, there is good to everything. Find the flip side to the problems that or causing you grief and a feeling of loss. Remember everything has a flip side.
  5. Do not allow the judgments of others to get to you. Only you know the whole extent of what’s going on in your heart and life. Only you need to understand how these things affect you. 
  6. Be around the right people. Hang around people that encourage and support you in your hardest moments. Be around the friends that do not judge you based on what you are going through and the feelings that you have.

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