When I think about the solar eclipse, it reminds me of the (sometimes very occasional) unpredictability of life. 

It is like the calm before the storm in a sense. Mostly everyone is waiting, anticipating and hoping. Some schools are closed. 

Where I am at the streets have gotten alittle quieter.

There is an atmosphere of patience, excitement, anxiety and waiting.

Even a sense of…”Ok this is getting boring.” Come already I am waiting for the excitement. 

Soon it will come to pass. Like everything that begins on this kind of scare or excitement. 

It feels like the whole world is waiting for the dramatic to happen. You know it is coming. You sense it. The signs are all there.

The anticipation is when we are the most alive. It is preparing us for what to come and barely last. In that sense, it is similar to the calm before the storm but mostly in a possitive sense.

The atmosphere is changing while I write this. Have a good day Everyone.


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