It is Nearly All About How You Look at Things.

I have been watching a 30 sec video on facebook over and over again since yesturday. Although, I can’t share it here. I can give you some context as to why it has caught my attention. A young woman is looking and scrolling on her phone. It doesn’t show want she is looking at but her reaction is hysterically positive. It may be a redoing of something or is staged. However, it seems incredibly real as if it did indeed really happen in real time. What is she reacting too so strongly and laughing at is a photo of her significant other with another woman. He seems to give the impression of this being a new significant other in his life effectively replacing her. She views this as extremely funny. As if to say, “replace me and you will have no idea what you have lost.” She seems to take it as his hilariously foolish choice and she is better off without him in her life. Therefore, you don’t see a typical heartbreaking scene. You see someone taking this as a lost to the other and the time to move on. A very intelligent and insightful Entertainer once said, “They will see what they had in a minute but by then it is going to be too late.” Food for thought. 

P.S. Come to think of it, There is one video that I can share…


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