20 Years Ago Today The Western World and All of The British Empire Stood Still!

20 Years ago today, the western world and all of the british empire stood still! 

It is hard to imagine that 20 years ago, My mother ran out of her bedroom into the living room where my grandparents and I were talking. They were visiting for far off. She said, “Did you hear that princess Diana die?” My grandma says, “Umm…no.”  Mom says, “Oh, it isn’t on the channel you’re watching. It is on vh1.” She grabs the remote and says, “Here change the channel right fast. I bet it is on almost every single one.” She flips though about a dozen or so channels and says, “See it is on almost all of them.” My grandma just lets out an slightly annoyed, “Okay… Well, lets watch it!” The news reporters are speaking about the car crash and the details and how the queen and prince Charles had been informed of the news. It was  unclear of Prince William and Harry have been woken up or told yet but, they just let them sleep and tell them in the morning. etc. 

This was just a couple of day before I was to start high school. I was 13. I have studied her life and history and read a few books about her over the years. What strikes me now, is that she was only 3 years older at her death than I am today. Also, how ordinary she seemed.

She took the untouchable royal family. She made them touchable though her and her sons. She had brought them up to be humble. She was opened and human. She showed emotion. She was real. It was as if she was just like many of us. 

She had struggled with depression, isolution and loneliness. Yet, she continued to do the best she could with what she had. How many us go though the same struggles? Yes, she had money, fame and luxury. She had two handsome boys to look after. Some people thought that she had it all. Why did she seem so sad?
She had married too young. She probably thought at first that it was like she was living a dream that many young women would give an arm and a leg for. Prince Charles knew he had to marry someone his mother would approve off. He was already 32 and the pressure was increasing for him to marry. With such pressure on him, he decided that Diana. One of the women that the, “Playboy” had a short romance with was his best option to marry. He had not married for love but rather out of duty. 

Diana was very young and still very native. In an interview right after their engagement, the reporter asked them if they loved each other and after she answered, “Yes.” Prince Charles said smuggly, “Whatever love is.” The camera seems to zone in on Diana. She instantly becomes visibly upset. Yet, this has happened to many of us all over the world. Young Women and also some men get forced, or in this case, tricked into a marriage of convience. Often, by the time the tricked realize that they have in been tricked, they are overly invested in the marriage, taking care of their children and in some cases, step-children.

In 1994, after her divorce…many people asked themselves why would anyone want to divorce from Prince Charles? In her 1995 interview with Martin Bashir, She reveals truths that many people never saw coming. His affair with Camilla, her struggle with  bulimia…etc. Her life and her story. She had become a single mother trying to cope with her new life without much support from the people she loved. She seems to have pittied herself alittle….but how many of us do when we feel burntout and overwhelmed with our life and our disappoined in the way things have turned out to be or where we are. 

No matter how rich or poor we are. No matter how famous we are or how forgotten we have become. We all have our own struggles. We are all relatable. Usually, all it takes to see that is pill away alittle at the surface. Things are not always what they appear to be on the outside.


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