Hugh Hefner: Dead

Live to your highest ideals and belive in yourself as much as the legendary Hugh Hefner did. However, believe in others and keep yourself humble as well. Rest in peace.

I was once read a book by jennifer Saginor for the first time about 10 years ago. It was, “Playground.” It was about her parents spilting up and her father(a famous doctor) gets full custody of her(at age 10) and they live inside of the playboy mansion. He is one of Hugh Hefner’s closest friends at the time.

She recalls it being a place where she could literaly have everything she wanted. She recalls both the intense horriors and joys amoung other things that would shape her world.

The one thing that stands out in my mind about this story right now is that when she was 17, she witnesses her father at their, “second home” outside of the mansion literary drugging one of his girlfriends. He holds her down and forces injections upon her. He then holds drags her from his room down to the stairs unconscious.

Ultimately, her father finds himself slowly losing his mind after that day. He never visits at the playboy mansion again, even though his daughter still stays there as much as possible to get away from him, She gets all of the free drugs and alcohol that she wants.She is never short of playboy bunnies to socialize with even when her other friends desert her.

Her father becomes increasing paranoid and belives eceryone is out to get him. She concludes that the Devil comes in disgust. That the devil gives you an offer of the world only for you to end up empty and hallow at the end of it.

However, there is purpose to this story. That sometimes people become so powerful as to think themselves invincible because they have money and fame. They let their heads get to them and become godlike and belive they are above all others. Much like her own father who becomes a victim of his own karma.

P.S. She actually really loved Hugh Hefner.


Dark before Dawn

As you sow more positive seeds in your mind; your energy will change. Sometimes in the process it will feel like everything is falling apart. However, in reality your subconscious is reassembling and your life is re-adjusting. Be patient and you will find yourself in a much better reality soon(mentally). All growing pains are necessary for change and shed you from your old reality and bring you into a new awareness. It is always darkest before dawn. 

Things That I have Learned About Living Better.

Your subconscious mind is a power house of knowledge and intelligent. However, it behaves as a slave to your conscious thoughts.

If you challenge yourself for a week to turn your can’t until cans. Such as, “I can’t afford this or that” or “I can’t do this or that.” into, “I can do this or that.” Or “when there is a will there is a way!” You will begin tomnotcie a swift taking a place. When you hold steadly to this swift and contune on. You will eventually form the habit of turning your negatives into positives in both thought and word. So much so that the word, “can’t” and negative commands will eventually become less and less part of your vocabulary. Then you feel better about yourself and miracles will happen. First, however, you must weather a storm though such this swift of energy starting in your life. Some people may leave you and situations may change. But, sometimes this is so the negative energy can make way for much more positive energy. So, hold steadfast and never allow these storm stop you from your self-improvement. Although, it may seem like things are falling apart at first. They will be in reality only drifting away from you to open doors for better things to come that match your newly found much more positive energy.

Successful People

As I study people who seem to be  incredibly successful…I noticed something. They all seem to have a few things in common.

1. They have spent a great deal of time visualizing and imagining exactly what they want. They literally put themselves where are they want to be in their mind.

2. They are stubborn in their self belief. They simply never give up on their true hearts desire.

3. They never settle for things that are less than satisfying. If they don’t have what they want they become preoccupied in their own inner world with they want. 

4. Their faith is ceaseless. Their desires and faith become unshakable.

5. They do not impose their desires upon others. They know what they desire however they do not force others to comply with their desires. They rely on the universe instead to provide them with the people they need to have in their lives. They do not put a face on these people. 

6. They will often stop at nothing to reach their goals.  They are steadfast, disciplined, hard-working and patient.

7. They use all failures as stepping stones to their success. They learn from their failures and then they move on.

8. They use their imagination to create a satisfying inner world. They rely on the universe and communicate with the universe to get what they most desire. 

9. They refused to allow fear and doubters to blow out their light and self-belief.

Taking The Good With The Pain!

Taking the good with the pain.
Sometimes it feels like we are all just searching in vain.
For something we simply can’t seem to obtain.
It is like you are running like your wearing bloodstain.
To get what you need, you must go though a deep strain.
Taking The good with the pain.
Hoping for whatever is around the lane.
Wishing you could fly to the future with the fastest plane.
Skip the crap that has you going insane.
You wish that you shut off your brain.
Taking the good with the pain.
Remembering there is rest after strain.
There’s noticable growth just around the lane.
Life isn’t meant be so plain.
Your blessing are and will be insane.

But, you have take the good with the pain.

Hey Warrior!

Hey Warrior!

Hey Warrior, you are my hero.

Hey Warrior, I know you feel like you are failing in some way.

Hey Warrior, I know you may feel like your life is sliping away.

Hey Warrior, I know you need a break.

Hey Warrior, I know your health really feels like it is destroying you.

Hey Warrior, I know that I seem young and I am. However, I have been there to. Much more so than you will ever know.

Hey Warrior, Keep fighting.

Hey Warrior, It can still get better. I got better and it is never too late until it is.

Hey Warrior, I know every moment feels likes a struggle. 

Hey Warrior, I know that I am so young but I am have been there to. 

Hey Warrior, I will be first to admit that I can’t embody everything you are going though.

Hey Warrior, I know your struggles very unique. Because my struggle was to. 

Hey Warrior, Did I mention you are my hero?