26 Things to Keep in Mind to Produce and Find More Positive Energy! 

1. The best way to ottain positive results is though positive energy produced by focused positive thoughts.

2. Anything can spring into action with the right timing and energy.

3. Everything is energy. Use yours to find the good in others and the good will come back to you. 

4. Replace your, “I won’ts” and “I can’ts” with, “I will” and “I can” until it becomes a habit of the mind.

5. Think not of all of the things that can go wrong. Instead, think of all of the things that might go right. 

6. If things do go wrong, focus more on the possible situlations to problems. Rather than the problems themselves. Also, keep in mind the possiblities of avoiding such problems in the future.

7. Keep in kind hat everything has it’s cause. True positive caue usually leads to positive effects.

8. Negative thoughts will canceal out positive thoughts. Intentionally practice positive thoughts daily.

9. Eat life giving food and drink life giving drinks that make your body and mind feel good.

10. Exercise your body at least 5 times a week to keep your body and mind healthy.

11. Every test of your will is a chance to become stronger.

12. It is okay not to be perfect as long as you contune to grow.

13. Remind yourself that every challenge has its rewards.

14. Live and love your life to the fullest.

15. Take some time to do things for yourself.

16. Give without expectation.

17. Set healthy boundaries.

18. Remember that you are not here please everyone so learn to please yourself.

19. Take criticism with a grain of salt and never personally. 

20. Don’t get into things that will require you to fall into negative energy traps.

21. Everything worth happening is worth working towards.

22. Nothing of any value or lasting achivement or fulfillment has ever happened wihout first planting the seeds of productive thought pushed into action. 

23. Start wherever you are and begin to produce positive seeds of thoughtas much as you can for as long as you can.

24. Let the negavities of others run off of you instead of though you.

25. You are better than you allow yourself to think when you are in a state of discouragement.

26. Positive energy and good vibes produces more positive energy and good vibes. So, keep going in that direction.


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