Successful People

As I study people who seem to be  incredibly successful…I noticed something. They all seem to have a few things in common.

1. They have spent a great deal of time visualizing and imagining exactly what they want. They literally put themselves where are they want to be in their mind.

2. They are stubborn in their self belief. They simply never give up on their true hearts desire.

3. They never settle for things that are less than satisfying. If they don’t have what they want they become preoccupied in their own inner world with they want. 

4. Their faith is ceaseless. Their desires and faith become unshakable.

5. They do not impose their desires upon others. They know what they desire however they do not force others to comply with their desires. They rely on the universe instead to provide them with the people they need to have in their lives. They do not put a face on these people. 

6. They will often stop at nothing to reach their goals.  They are steadfast, disciplined, hard-working and patient.

7. They use all failures as stepping stones to their success. They learn from their failures and then they move on.

8. They use their imagination to create a satisfying inner world. They rely on the universe and communicate with the universe to get what they most desire. 

9. They refused to allow fear and doubters to blow out their light and self-belief.


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