Hugh Hefner: Dead

Live to your highest ideals and belive in yourself as much as the legendary Hugh Hefner did. However, believe in others and keep yourself humble as well. Rest in peace.

I was once read a book by jennifer Saginor for the first time about 10 years ago. It was, “Playground.” It was about her parents spilting up and her father(a famous doctor) gets full custody of her(at age 10) and they live inside of the playboy mansion. He is one of Hugh Hefner’s closest friends at the time.

She recalls it being a place where she could literaly have everything she wanted. She recalls both the intense horriors and joys amoung other things that would shape her world.

The one thing that stands out in my mind about this story right now is that when she was 17, she witnesses her father at their, “second home” outside of the mansion literary drugging one of his girlfriends. He holds her down and forces injections upon her. He then holds drags her from his room down to the stairs unconscious.

Ultimately, her father finds himself slowly losing his mind after that day. He never visits at the playboy mansion again, even though his daughter still stays there as much as possible to get away from him, She gets all of the free drugs and alcohol that she wants.She is never short of playboy bunnies to socialize with even when her other friends desert her.

Her father becomes increasing paranoid and belives eceryone is out to get him. She concludes that the Devil comes in disgust. That the devil gives you an offer of the world only for you to end up empty and hallow at the end of it.

However, there is purpose to this story. That sometimes people become so powerful as to think themselves invincible because they have money and fame. They let their heads get to them and become godlike and belive they are above all others. Much like her own father who becomes a victim of his own karma.

P.S. She actually really loved Hugh Hefner.


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