Indescribable Deep Despair, Desperation, Disgust, Depression and Heartbreak. 

Adandoned is what you feel

Because you feel doomed, it is hard to reach out

Carnage causes unspeakable dread

Damage is so extreme
Everyday, you feel so alone

Feeling numb and shocked

Griping onto your fear

Hell seems to have hit your life hard

Isolution seems so profound

Justice seems hard to come by
Karma knows its own

Looking for some light

Moving on seems nearly impossible

Never give up

Optimism is the way to better days

Positivity is hard to find yet it’s there

Quiting doesn’t stop the world from turning

Realize that there is always people to help you

Start pushing yourself to live again

Try to weather this hell

Unite to those who encourage you

Visualize what helps you through

Walk forward though the dark

EXtreme days of happiness will come again from time to time

You are worth over your weight in gold

Zeolously for life again will come about again if you allow it so


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