Narcissistic Abuse

I think we all know a narcissistic sociopath or at the least a narcissistic abuser. A narcissistic abuser will pull you into a trap which ususally begins with love bombing. They make you think you are special, beautiful, handsome, kind and/or important. The want to build you up and get you to love them so they can tear you down. They come in many forms. They could be a lover, co-worker, friend or parent. They like to isolate their victims to make them more vulnerable and dependent upon them.

For example, a narcissistic lover may believe that he or she has gained your trust and then will slowly start to isolute you from your family, friends and past. They will start by acting needy. They will evidenically try force you to be with them or in the home at all times.

A narcissistic co-worker may gain your trust by a great perso  to work with at first. After a while, he or she may begin to shift his or her work off on you and others and profit from the labor of others. 

A narcissistic friend may be very kind at first. However, they may eventually become bossy and easily become jeolous and threaten the friendship over little things. They will stop at nothing to keep others on their side. They become reckless with feelings. As soon as they get the impression that they may not always have the upper hand in the relationship…They will be out of your life within seconds.

A narcissistic parent will control and abuse their children by all means that they believe they can get away with. They can go from being very physically and emotionally abusive to kind and loving within seconds depending upon who they are trying to impress and who they are trying to control. They will isolute their children. Of they have more thab obe child(as is usually the case). Often they will pick one child out as a target for the rest of the family to pick on. Therefore, gaining control on that one and convicing the other children that their one brother or sister is worthy of abuse because he or she is somehow evil or lower than them.

Narcissistice abusers can be very suductive, powerful and intelligent! Once you are caught in their little games and their traps, they will make it diffcult for you to walk away.  Walk away anyway.


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