Falling Apart To Be Realigned

Falling apart to be realigned. 

Because I am tired of running blind.

I am on a journey of transformation.

I am no longer afraid of limitation.

Nothing is going unturned.

There so much to be learned.

I am being realigned in every way to be reassembled into the new me.

I am not afraid to be free.

I am breaking down the walls of my prison. 

I am tearing down every stone of these walls that have arisen.

Noone said it is easy to do.

If I can do it so can you.

Step-by-step, I am becoming who I was really meant to be.

Not societies version of me.

Go ahead and bring on the resistence.

Because I am changing my false sense of  esistence.

Go ahead and throw your stones.

I feel the transformation in my bones.


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