Being Societies version of “Perfect and Normal.”

Everyone is unique. Therefore, we have to be careful about how we view the outside version of the seemingly, “Perfect and normal” imagine of some others(if there really are any truely). Perfect doesn’t exist. So many people are constantly pressured to be 100% “perfect” and “normal” all the time. And what is, “normal” and “perfect?” Is it something that is decided by the masses or by the very few? I would say that people should just be themselves and think for themselves. Rather than spend their waking hours concerned with looking, “perfect” and “normal” for some other entity that we may or may not even be able to name(sometimes). When we do this it turns into a habit which leads to a great deal of stress, which leads to a lack of clear thinking and which can also lead to unhealthy relationships(including the one we have with own self) and even to an unhealthy body by the mere presure alone. 


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