Just Be You! 

I was bullied mercilessly as a child. I was always the center of attention for ridicule. However, now I laugh with people rather than let them laugh at me. I am highly introverted but I also tell jokes to ease my way into conneceting with others. There is also an extremely serious side to me that most people used to never see. That was the case until I realized that I can be both serious at times and funny at times as a way of both connecting with other people and often helping other people. Some people may like me. Others may not. Either way…I don’t lose any sleep over it anymore. One thing that all of that ridicule has taught me(the hardway) is to just be myself. Some people may like it, others may not. I have spent most of my life (until about 30) in the shallows of fear of what other people think and it has costed me much more than it has benefitted me. The more years that have gone by, the more I realize that it doesn’t matter. Because, it has taught to be more empathic, compassionate and open with others without being fearful of what others think about me. 


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