The Bridge is Falling!

I wrote sometime around April on my blog about a bridge of my past being put on fire. I wrote that some of the issues of my past were now being pushed behind me and destroyed. I believe very strongly that my intuition give me an imagine of this symbolic bridge to show me that I could not go back to my old life. 

I got impatient. I thought my whole life was going to take a different course and everything was going to be better. For most part that is actually true. However, I am still far from where I need to be. It doesn’t show on the outside. But, I can hardly explain how things have changed on the inside.

This morning, my intuition reminded me that the bridge hasn’t finished burning yet. It has collapsed but it hasn’t finished burning underneath the collapse. There is still smoke coming out from underneath. It was simply the end of a beginning. A realization that no matter where you are in life you can always change your path. 

Sometimes, the old paths have to give way for the new path to completely unfold. It is often only afterwords that your outer life may begin to reflect the inner change that comes from the passions that stir you heart. 

In my minds eye, I am deep in the woods. I see the new path starting to unfold as the burning bridge has become ash and coal. The new one is starting to develop more and more strongly. I can see the horizon changing. A promise from the universe. It is telling me to stay focused. This is the end of a new beginning that must unfold from the inside out. 

I see in the distance past the new bridge that is barely starting to take a skeleton of a shape at a different point in the landscape. I have much more work to do. However, the promise from the other side that now stirs in my heart is becoming more odvious and more beautiful. 

The old bridge is ash. The new bridge is coming. Keep going towards where your intuition is leading you. The other side is more beautiful then whatever falls apart in the wake of where your heart and intuition leads you. So, if you find yourself at a crossroads, follow your intuition and just keep going. 

copyright @ Jane Mendenhall 2017. 


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