As I Stare Into The Skies. 

As I Stare Into The Skies.

As we approach 2018. I look out into the skies. I realise that times have changed. Oh how life has changed me. Normally, this is a time a year where I spend a lot of time thinking of how I desire the next year to be. I would wish upon stars, hoping for the best. Now, when I look upon the stars and see their glare…I realize that the universe has already given me everything that I need. 

I just give too much of it away by letting others control me. At first, I didn’t really know any better. Even after I knew better. I still didn’t fully understand why I was doing it. Yet, it is struggle worth overcoming. 

I have been intensely studying the power of thought. What I have learned from my studying and application is very simple. I am made of stars and so the power of the stars is within me. Where I am is not where I am going nor could it ever be. The rollercoaster of life has lead me to where I am now so I can recreate me. So, I can grow and rebuild almost completely from the ground up. So, I can finally come to understand the hard way just what real stability means. There is no greater gift for the time being.

Sometimes our worst nightmares are actually our greatest gifts. So, whatever you are going though just keep going. There is something to be taken for every experience that life brings.

Happy 2018.


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