50 Positive Thoughts to Sow Seeds in Regards to Organization. 11-20.

11. I will not allow the criticisms of others to dictate my path to being more organized.

12. Even If I stumble and take a few steps back every once in awhile. I know that this is just a part of the growing process.

13. Some days may be harder than others. This is just part of life.

14. There is no growth without resistence. I am stronger than my resistence. I become less resistant to organization as the days go by.

15. Everything is going to work out for the better.

16. I am my own best friend. I will tell myself everyday that I am determined to do better. I will not let myself fail.

17. I am just as worthy to live in a clean environment as anyone else.

18. I am just as worthy of having an organized mind as anyone else.

19. I am just as Worthy to sow seeds of organization in the garden of my mind as anyone else is.

20. I am powerful. I will change.


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