A Simple Thank You! 

I started this blog On March 27th 2017. I am impressed at how it has grown. Thanks to all of you. So far I have gotten Thousands of likes(collectivity) and 135+ followers from all over the world. Some people have reshared many of my blogs. A few people have even reached out to me from this blog. 

A few of you know me and read my blogs from google+. The vast majority of you don’t know me however. I started this blog completely anonymously to attract others who were not just a part of my personal circle. I didn’t want it to be overran completely by family and friends before it even had a chance to reach anyone else. Also, because sometimes people have an easier time reaching out to strangers over people they know. However, As this blog has evolved, I have left more little hints and trails of my real identity as time has unfolded. What can I say, I am an artist and a corky one at that. lol. 

Anyway, Thank you everyone for your love and support. 

I hope 2018 sees you all happy and prosperous.


P.S. I am now going to publish a book on Amazon Kindle in a week or so of a collection of my works on this blog in 2017. All except for most of the quotes. 


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