The Struggles of Fear and Change.

When you are reaching different levels of awareness. Others will often see you changing and they will try their hardest of bring you down. They will have trouble understanding the new you. You will become more and more in snyc with your new beliefs as you are changing to adapt to become the person that you wanted to be at some level all along. 
Then when things really start to go in a different direction. At first it will feel like things are falling apart. Some people and situations will leave your life while new people and situations will come in. Some people will stay. Isn’t that always the case?

Change can be scary. Change in the right direction is far better in the long run than Staying the same. Many people will try to keep you down because if makes them feel better. Some people will come at you from every direction and try bring you back to when you were before. However, be wary of the old life and the old ways of thinking trying to pull you back down into lower vibrational states. This will often come when you least expect it. As this is a part of learning and growing. 


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