Humans Need a Tribe

Humans need a tribe like bees need a hive. Evidence shows that humans have been tribal since humanity began. Being in a tribe often brought with it a sense of community and belonging. Surviving in a tribe requires being part of a team. Everyone in that tribe served a purpose. Everyone works for everyone else. The cycle kept the tribes together.

In the modern world, families and tribes are often becoming more and more deluded. Individism is on the rise. Many people are feeling more and more disconnected from their neighbors and communities. Fewer and fewer people have friends that they can count on. The number of people who are single and living alone is also on the rise. Many people are more glued to television and computer screens and fewer and fewer people read let alone go out and socialize. This leads to isolationism.

Add that too many people feeling overworked, over-stressed and underpaid. Many people are feeling left out and on the brick. Many people are always in a rush. Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Patience is less patient. Burnout is becoming common place.

Which leads to question that many researchers are starting to ask. Does living the modern world lead to more depression and anixety? Both are on the rise in recent years. Both seem not to be slowing down. It would make sense to me with all things consittered.


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