When we Compair Ourselves to Others(A Fairly Blunt Viewpoint)

Sometimes those who are busy with their carreers and maintaining their livestyles wish for more free time and freedom. Sometines those with more free time wish for greater things, more productivity and more quality choices in life. It is therefore easy to look at your neighbor and feel like maybe they have something is missing from your own life. It is often too easy for many of us to look at someone esle and think that you wish your life was more like theirs. Maybe it is a family member, a person at your job or a person at your school, etc. Maybe, you wish your family was more like the family across the street.

However, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to take a second look. How much do we really know about that family across the street. Maybe things look great on surface but how much do you really know about their daily struggles and their desires. Maybe the heads of household work long hours at jobs they may or may not like with little time for their family. Maybe they argue alot or maybe not. Maybe they are so busy keeping up with the lifestyle that their work provides that they may not get the time to enjoy it. Or maybe they have worked hard to find a good balance between work and their personal lives. However, maybe that took years of learning and effort and wasn’t always easy.

Maybe you have a neighbor or friend who is unemployed and you think that you wish you had as much free time as them. Or you wish your life was as easy as theirs because they seem to have all of their needs met. How could you be so sure that they have alot of free time? Do they really have all of their needs met? Are they lonely? Do they feel they really have many other options? Maybe they have mental and physical health issues that keep them unemployed or locked at home.

Maybe they have just had alot handed to them but wish they had better skills or more productivity. Maybe they feel a lack self-worth or feel like they lack purpose in life. They may walk around aimless and need of direction that has long been lost or has yet to come. Maybe they once had a wounderful job that they loved. Maybe they were forced to quit their jobs or got laid off.

Are they alone? Maybe they once had a family and something terrible happened. Do they have a family? Perhaps that family is actually struggling to make ends meet. Maybe they appear to have more free time but their options are very limited and therefore, they rarely get to do much at all.

Maybe they are older and retired. Maybe they worked hard and saved up their money. Maybe they volunteer and have alot meaningful experiences. However, it may have taken alot of effort to get a place where they feel at peace with themselves. It may have taken alot of luck. Or they may have went through numberous struggles that we know nothing about.

So, if you find yourself compairing yourself to others or envying them. Remember that your information may be limited. Maybe there is something about them that inspires you. You might be able to use that as motivation. Maybe, they have something that you are lacking. Is there something you can do to help remedy what is missing in your own life? Our power lies within.


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