So, Tell Me What is Wrong With Bullying. I wrote this back in 2014.

I wrote this.

So, tell me what is wrong with bullying?

So, tell me, what is so wrong with bullying and mental abuse?
Tell me, why should I care?

There is a child.
She tries so hard everyday to hold back her tears.
She is a cry-baby.
She is a brat.
She just needs to grow-up.

She tries to hide alone everyday to avoid the bullies.
There is something wrong with her.
Why cant she just fit in?
She is a misfit.
She is a werido.

She dares not to speak-up for herself.
She knows all that will do is make everything worse for her.
Noone is there for her.
Noone tries to help her.
Noone cares.

Everyone has friends except her.
She feels selfish when she does connect with someone.
She doesnt deserve fun.
She doesnt deserve enjoyment.
She deserves nothing.

She must bare her cross completely alone.
She hides in darkness out of fear.
She is so ain’t-social!
She is so self-observed!
She is so stuck-up!

She does have her explosive moments.
When she really can’t hold back anymore.
Those are about the only times she talks.
What a bitch!
She is so disrespectful, rude and mean!

She watchs T.V. all day and night at home.
She daydreams all day in school.
She does in a vain attempt to distract herself from the constant pain that she feels every second of everyday.
She is so lazy!
She is so worthless!

She is barely holding on and her work suffers.
She feels exhausted just getting out of bed.
She is such a failure!
She will never amount to anything!
She will never be good enought for anyone!

She plays around just to feel cared about for a moment.
She just needs to be touched.
She is such an attention seeking slut!
She will have to be that way to get though life anyway!
That will be her only way!

She eats nothing but comfort foods.
She drinks alot of sugar.
She is fat!
She is garbage!
She is stupid!

She cuts on herself to relieve the emotionally intense pain that she feels.
The sight of her own blood makes her feel better.
She is making herself uglier!
She is already the ugliest person alive!
Why does she make herself even uglier?

She will hang herself tonight.
She shall never be again.
She will never be missed!
She is just a waste of space!
She has no value or importance!

She will only be missed as an object of abuse.
That is all that will matter to people.
Only then will her life seemed to have had any purpose.
After all, so many people will lose their ugly, beat-up, and warned down community punching bag.
She will give all of that up to be maggot food instead.

Now, she is gone.
There is no remorse.
There is no concern.
There is noone to cry for her.
There is noone who cared.

So, tell me again, what is so wrong with bullying and mental abuse?
Tell me, why should I care?

The story could have been very different.
She could have helped people.
If only someone saved her.
If only someone believed in her .
If only someone was there for her.

She was sensitive, misunderstood, loving, kind, compassionate, intelligent, and beautiful.
She could have became alot healthier.
She may have lived a very long life.
She could have payed it forward.
She could have done alot better.

She was never able to be aware of these things.
She was never told these things.
She was never able grow past her pain.
She was never held in her darkest hour.
She was never loved like she needed to be.

Instead, she was ingorned and forgotten.
A good life was needlessly wasted.

So, tell me again what is wrong bullying and mental abuse?
Tell me why I should care?


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