For You, I Was Sent…from 2014.

For You, I Was Sent.

I was sent to you.
I was not sure what to do.

I hear some of your hopes
To you, I can not say nope.

I know you cry alone and hide your fears.
I sense your tears.

I also sense your positive energy and vibes.
It feeds me like a tree and I am growing vines.

It does not matter what people say.
I can not hide away.

I know you are sometimes lonely.
I promise not to be phoney.

I am always with you in spirit.
Even though you do not always feel it.

I will try to hold on losely.
And hopefully not too profusely.

In your darkess hours, I hope you know.
I am still here and I will not let you go.

I am your friend.
I will be here untill the end.

Even if you leave me on the way.
In my memories, you will stay.

Something out there lets us share important things together.
Somehow that is all that matters.

I care about you with every fiber of being.
For if did not, none of this would have much meaning.


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