Monday Quotes


Feed Us Fear!

Feed Us Fear!

All of time my dear!

I know you think that you are just looking out for us.

Putting us on the anixety bus.

All in a big rush.

Our energy is all a mush.

Force feed that fear!

Among all the peers.

Like the grass it grows.

It runs wild and hasn’t seen a mow.

Keep trying to feed me the fear.

Try to bring me to constant tears.

Push me around; I am in no rush.

Because I am not riding on your anixety bus.

I see that it all a big mush.

Forget about the pressure from peers.

I will not be constantly eating the fear.

I need to pull it out at the roots.

I am giving it the boot.

You can keep trying my dear!

You will not feed me the fear!

Head in the Clouds.

Head in the clouds.

My heart is full.

When I am coming down?

Oh please, I don’t wanna fall.

Heart in the clouds.

My body can feel the pull.

When am I coming back around?

I hear the earthly call.

Spirit in the clouds.

I have never felt so full.

Where is my pulse to be found?

I wanna stay in this ball.

Soul in the clouds.

I can feel the earthly pull.

Am I paradise bound?

I wanna stay ummovable like a doll.

Head, heart, spirit and soul in the clouds.

I am back down to earth in a pull.

Why do I come back down?

My body paid a heave toll.

Yet, not my spirit and soul.