Paying it forward has a ripple effect. More positive and loving vibes and ways of being leads to a more positive and loving world.



I am staring up at a mountain.

I often think of a mountain as a metaphor.

For life’s endless Journeys.

For the lessons that are endless.

For the work that needs to be done.

For tomorrow’s wisdom that seems so slow in becoming.

For the uphill battle.

For the relief that is felt every time we reach a goal.

For the natural high that comes from doing well and reaching the top.

For the ease of going downward.

For the inevitability of going upward again.

For the pain, the sweat, the tears, the fun and everything in between.

Keep Going!

“I went through a rough patch, but there’s something inside that kept going. And I’m mainly where I am now, because I pushed through that dark time.

“So I just say keep going and follow your passion, and sometimes that passion can change direction – it might take you on another pathway, but I think all roads still lead to where eventually you want to be.” — Jason Stephenson 2017


“if leaders don’t tell the truth, or won’t hear the truth from others, they cannot make good decisions, they cannot themselves improve, and they cannot inspire trust among those who follow them.” James Comey 2018

31 Affirmations to Overcome Fear.

  1. The rewards are often worth the risk.

  2. I reinforce my strengths and work on my weaknesses every time I try something new.

  3. I reinforce my strengths and work on my weaknesses every time that I do something that is difficult but necessary.

  4. I have a sense of accomplishment when I finish what I start.

  5. It is rewarding to me to face my fears and take risks.

  6. Stalemate Behavior leads to boredom.

  7. I feel good when I reach out to others.

  8. I am present in the face of challenges.

  9. Sometimes fear is fake limitations disguised as real.

  10. Sometimes fear is false expectations disguised as reality.

  11. I love what I create.

  12. I am present in the face of challenges.

  13. It is thrilling to me to face my fears and take risks.

  14. What excites me keeps me alive.

  15. The quality of life gets better when I follow my intuition.

  16. I work with my anxieties rather than let them get the better of me.

  17. I am the master of my emotions. My emotions don’t master me.

  18. I become more secure by pushing my limits and working on my strengths and weaknesses.

  19. The future is in my hands.

  20. I have a support system to help me overcome my fears. I help others with their fears as well.

  21. I connect more with others when I do new things.

  22. I have strong internal values that lead me to doing what I know is right.

  23. Staying bored is not an option for me.

  24. I enjoy the results of taking careful risks.

  25. I enjoy the freedom of overcoming obstacles.

  26. I am confident of what I do when I follow my intuition.

  27. I enjoyed many hardships I am capable of handling more.

  28. I turned my fears into power by acting in a way that does it lead to powerlessness.

  29. The more I progressed the less I regress.

  30. The fear that lives inside of me slowly diminishes.

  31. There is zero reason to fear because fear controls us If we let it.

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